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All your whitening needs for maintenance can be obtained from the dental shop which is located at  

Pre whitening dental examination

Get piece of mind and see one of our whitening dentists to get the overview and indication of what to do before you go ahead with whitening. Includes examination with X-Rays

Price Normally $150.00 reduced down to $99.00

NZ$ 150.00 
NZ$  99.00




Hygienist Examination

Sometimes your teeth get very dark due to coffee, tea and other food substances and it is advisable to get your teeth professionally cleaned so that you can see if you need whitening. Our hygienist will also be able to assess and give you a pre whitening brief.

Save $67.00 by booking on line Normally $187.00

NZ$ 187.00



Products include:

 Zoom Whitening Pens



 Only $65.00 ( including delivery to anywhere in New Zealand)    

Zoom Home Whitening Gels

Day White Tooth Whitening Top Up Kit



Gift Card

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   Gift Card    
  A gift card can be personalised to any cash value that you wish and comes in a handy plastic credit card size.    

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"I never knew it could be this good, my teeth changed by 8 shades and I did not know how it had affected my life until I started smiling again and it happened in just one hour."

-- Karen Hall, NZ