Teeth Whitening Centres

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Whitening Procedure  ( One Hour)




Normally most people will state that the whitening procedure with UV lights will take anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes however it is a bit longer than that as you will need about another half an hour to get the preparation work done before the procedure can start.

The preparation work will ensure that you are comfortable while the process is being carried out






• Your teeth are cleaned so the whitening solution contacts effectively.
• Photographs are taken of your teeth before whitening.
• Your teeth are prepared for whitening treatment
• You just sit back and relax and watch TV from the comfort of your chair.
• You will undergo 3 twenty minutes cycles of whitening.
• During the process the staff will advise you of the treatment.
• The whitening material and gels are removed.
• A thorough brushing of teeth is then carried out.
• You will have post whitening photographs taken.
• You will be shown how to use the whitening maintenance kits.

• One week after whitening treatment you will be recalled to the surgery for a  check and your certificate of guarantee for whitening.



"I never knew it could be this good, my teeth changed by 8 shades and I did not know how it had affected my life until I started smiling again and it happened in just one hour."

-- Karen Hall, NZ