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Confident White & Inspirational Smiles

 Professional tooth whitening has given rise to a number of teeth whitening systems and teeth whitening trays. In some cases as part of cosmetic work you will even get free teeth whitening with your treatment. The development of varied products like teeth whitening pens, teeth whitening toothpaste, tooth whitening strips, teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening gels means that teeth whitening prices will vary depending on what systems and methods you choose, In Wellington, we are one of the premier teeth whitening dentist providing you with professional teeth whitening

"Imagine the Change"

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Teeth whitening centres can make that change for you
Tired of people saying to you have you cleaned your teeth, tired of people looking at you and being aware you teeth are letting you down. Having to put your hands up to cover part of your face because you need to make a good impression and just don't have the confidence. Teeth whitening centres are the home of confidence and inspiration


 .....feel good again
 There is a way today which is quick and effective which allows you to bring back a vibrant youthful smile. Did you know that if your teeth are white people think of you as being younger, fresher and healthier. The whiter look also means more appealing and people tend to forget that your teeth might be slightly crooked. You generate that vibrant feeling that everyone wants.

 Tooth whitening can be an involved process as there are various types and systems of tooth whitening. Tooth whitening is carried out by many dentists and the tooth whitening systems that they use is dependant on what they are comfortable with. If you are looking for a Wellington dentist who is carrying out tooth whitening make sure they are other associated interests like cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentists will have a range of whitening services and even have free initial consultations as tooth whitening for them is and integral part of there daily dentistry.


 Life is a reflection of yourself so what's your reflection



Today is the day to take some positive step towards creating a better life for yourself and the perceptions that people may have about you .


Make Negatives into Positives

Ø        Peoples perceptions of you  

Ø        Self Confidence

Ø        Self Esteem

Ø        Healthier feel

Ø         Fresher feel

Ø         Younger look


Ø  What's yours?


Giving you confidence and inspiration




Import Issues:

Make sure your teeth are not sensitive. Tooth whitening can make teeth more sensitive for a short period of time

Always make sure that you have a preliminary assessment to make sure tooth whitening is appropriate for you. Get a free preliminary tooth whitening assessment

Are your old white fillings discoloured? Tooth whitening will not change the colour of those teeth.

Do you have crowns in the front teeth, Crowns will not change colour with tooth whitening.

Some people have unrealistic expectations and make sure you discuss this with your free teeth whitening preliminary discussion




"I never knew it could be this good, my teeth changed by 8 shades and I did not know how it had affected my life until I started smiling again and it happened in just one hour."

-- Karen Hall, NZ